Sunday, November 29, 2009

Polictics and Massacare...and Crying Out for Justice

The news that 46 people were found massacred in the southern part of the country last November 23, 2009, was very shocking. Though that place is a known hot spot for violence, I find it so incomprehensible that people would kill just to stop a politician from filing his candidacy. It’s so heartless…inhuman.

The other day, the media reported there were more people found massacred. It now totalled 67. The second massacre had taken place nearby just some minutes after the first one. No one in the convoy was spared…not a man, woman or child.

A Philippine politician was charged with murder on Friday, November 28, after authorities accused him of ordering soldiers, police and other gunmen to kill at least 57 defenseless and innocent people, at least 22 of them women, 27 journalists and 15 motorists who happened to pass the place at the time of the massacre. They said some of those involved in the massacre felt guilty and voluntarily offered information…felt guilty???

I have no words for the unconscionable acts of these murderers. I cannot even think of calling them people. They have no conscience. But this is the reality happening now...and this is just the beginnig of election season.

What can a small voice like mine do? It seems nothing...

Sunday, November 01, 2009


I called a gradeschool friend who we fondly called Khintz in school. Her youngest child is just about 3. I would love to see her. We laughed quite a bit as we talked about her daughter. I said she seems a lot like Khintz.

I read in Facebook some days back that she e-mailed friends to say prayers for her and her husband. He is now sufffering from stage 4 liver cancer.

When I heard in the news that the latest typhoon’s name is Santi, it made me remember Khintz’ husband. I thought it was such a coincidence. Her husband’s name is Santi.

Anyway, her husband is undergoing medication now and she said the doctor made it clear that it wasn’t a cure…it was just to prolong his life. I encouraged her not to give up though deep in my mind, had I been in the same situation, I would probably react as her husband did. He said what for…it would lead to the same thing anyway. I guess people who worry about leaving their families with nothing because of medical expenses to prolong their lives, would tend to think that. On the other hand, it really is sometimes a matter of attitude.

The medication is further draining their finances. One tablet costs about $50 which he has to take 4 times a day. We parted as her husband started coughing heavily again. I could hear him from the background.

It was a sad moment to get in touch again but at least we had our laughs…and I hope that at least was some comfort for her. We will try to meet soon. I hope I can help her somehow.