Monday, August 10, 2009

A Special Child...

One of my Unit Heads has a special child…I think an autistic. He doesn’t talk but I often hear him just making a humming or sometimes crying sound even while he plays the PSP. I have gotten used to him being here at the office while waiting for his mom to get off from work.

It has become his habit to pass by my office in the afternoon. He would wait in front of my glass window and look at me until I call him to give him a little something. He of course doesn’t really have to wait. I always signal him to come over to my table as soon as I see him, to give him some candies or anything to eat. I now make sure there is always something I can give him whenever he passes by my office, lol.

Last Friday, he came back some time after he finished eating the Fudge bar I gave him and showed me a paper heart he made. He didn’t enter my room. He just showed what he made through the glass window. He nodded while waving the little heart he made hen I asked if he made it himself.

It always makes me feel good and warms my heart whenever he would give a flying kiss sign after I give him something…his way of saying thank you. I even look forward every afternoon to him passing by my office. :)

The thought of this afternoon scenes makes me sentimental everytime.…always a good way to end my tiring day at work…